New Card Game!

We've got a new card game with a working title of SCUFFLE! The game is easy to learn and fun for casual and expert gamers alike.

Freedom of choice makes SCUFFLE interesting. Do you boost a card to do more damage, or do you share its effects with more players? Maybe both? What if you work with another player to boost your play against a third player? Will you agree to heal a player to curry their favor or banish youself to hide from their wrath?

Gameplay Overview

There are 16 unique cards in a deck of 60, each is one of three types:

  1. On your turn, you may play any action cards on anyone at the table, even yourself. You decide who gets gets the good, the bad and the really bad.
  2. There are also effect cards which let you boost an action, share it with other players, or put it back into your hand.
  3. You can use reaction cards to absorb, redirect or draw more cards when someone uses an action against you.

When you damage a player, they take health from their score card. When they hit zero, they're out of the game (unless someone uses a revive card on them). If you're the last one standing, you won!

We're looking for testers!

After months of design, testing and refinement, SCUFFLE is ready for you! We'd love to hear what you like and dislike about the game before we take it to market later this year.

We have a "print & play" version of the game that you can download, print and play right now! Check out the instructions to get started.

Give us feedback by October 31 and your name will appear in the game credits! You'll also have the satisfaction of supporting a small indie game company.